Sunday, April 27, 2014

looking comfortable

 Being comfortable has become really important to me...more so now that I am in my 30's, have three children, and I am a stay at home mom. It just doesn't make sense to be UNcomfortable when I'm cleaning (kids are messy little creatures) Feeding (they eat ALL THE TIME) and chasing them around outside. (they have been really loving the warm evenings outside after dinner.) Back in the day...when I was working, I tended to sacrifice pain for beauty. I'd wear the most uncomfortable shoes just because they were cute. I never wore tennis shoes, and almost never went without a shower and clean hair. Well, let me tell ya....a lot has changed. My purchasing habits have changed. My showering and "getting ready" habits have been modified to fit my needs and priorities now.  Dirty hair. Don't care. right?. Though I've changed some things since motherhood, one thing hasn't changed. My complete love for fashion. I've never been that kind of girl who doesn't care what I look like... even if I'm just hanging around the house. I always have lipstick on. For some reason it just makes me feel like I don't look like a slob. That's just me. I think I get it from my Grandmother. She ALWAYS had lipstick on. I feel like if I look "good"...than I feel good. Don't get me wrong. There are days when I don't get a shower, my legs are like that of a wilder beast, and I haven't done my laundry...but I still find a way to at least get out of my pj's, put a braid in my hair, and slap a dress it at least LOOKS like I did something with myself. Because...who wants to come home to a rag-a-muffin? looking all haggard?.... I certainly wouldn't. But that's just me.
These overalls are the perfect, "I don't have time or energy to get dressed up" overalls. They are also EXTREMELY comfortable. The material is really breezy, and they have great pockets....I love pockets. They have a drawstring waist, so I can untie them if I've eaten too much. I paired it with a basic black crop top, because, it just made sense. The heels are deceivingly comfortable too...the heel is not too high, and the straps are well made....wore them all day...not one blister. They  go with everything too. Plus.Plus.Plus! Any way, I hope you like it.....

 Top // Forever21

Overalls // Tillys 

Shoes // Forever21

Bag // Styles for less 

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