Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cool on a hot day

Its been SO HOT lately. "so hot, my shorts, I can COOK things in them...a little crotch-pot cookin'.." (triple points if you can name that movie). When its hot like this, I have a hard time getting out of the house. The heat just drains every ounce of energy I have...And with three rambunctious boys, I need a LOT of energy. Just getting them in the car is a feat. I don't have a super convenient, gadget loaded, mommy van. NO WAY. I'm not knocking those that are smart enough to have one....I just haven't wanted to give up the last bit of "cool" I have left. Sounds ridiculous, I know. I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Now that I sit here, and really think about it..... I'd probably be more inclined to get out, if I had a minivan with TV, reclining seats, and lots of room for the boys. (like a moving living room?) My kids, for some reason, LOVE to play in the car. Like, climb around, push all the buttons, pretend they're driving through a drive thru. Later to find my wipers on, the radio full blast, my seat all out of place, and the a/c cranked up to freezing. It's the price I pay for cheap fun.
We have been able to sneak away to the beach a few times. It's only about a half hour away, and its FREE. The only trouble youngest, Quinton (20months) HATES the sand. He wont let me put him down. Sometimes, I can get him down for a little, but ONLY if he has his flips on. He will let us take him in the water, ONLY if he is held. I'm trying to break him of this...but it's slow going. 
Anyway, I feel like I'm I will get to the good stuff. This look is another effortless and comfortable dress from Brandy Melville. I'm telling you , I really love this brand. Most things are ONE SIZE fits most. So there's really no guess work, if you're an online shopper like me. (though I actually went TO the mall and found this...shocker, I know.) It's a very pretty shade of light blue. It has an open back, so a bralette, bikini top, or tank is required. I paired it with my hightop Chucks...because I didnt paint my toe nails. Everyone does that right? My jean Jacket can likely be considered "vintage". I got it back in the 90's. I've held on to it for so long because it's a timeless piece. And it just fits so good. 
Today, the heat has somewhat subsided...we're down to about mid 80's....So the guys and I are going to go for a hike...wish me luck. 

 Dress // Brandy Melville (Jada dress)

Shoes // Converse 

Jacket // similar here

Thank you for reading a little piece of me...

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  1. You're hair is gorgeous! Love this cute summer look.