Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Laid back

 This is me, lately. Cut off shorts, a muscle tee..and my birks. I've held off on buying birkenstocks for quite a while now. One day, I just decided to get some. I chose the brown leather. When they arrived, I was surprised at how light weight they were...I guess I was expecting them to be heavier... They fit perfectly, and go with nearly everything.

 Mixing hues again. I love wearing white with cream or beige. Since the top has such deep arm holes, I wore a black lace bra underneath. Who wants to look at an ugly bra?

   These Quay Australia sunnies are go good. They are my first pair of Quay shades, and most certainly won't be my last. I feel like the Aussies just get it right EVERYTIME. I found these on (my new go to for buying,trading and selling) I would have purchased a pair directly from the Quay Australia website...but, as I've mentioned before, I'm impatient. My next purchase of Quay shades WILL be directly form the site though...they have a couple pairs I'm totally crushing on....and can't be found elsewhere...

Top // Forever21
Shorts // Forever21 
Belt // (old)
Birkenstocks // eBay
Crossbody bag // Styles for less 

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  1. I just found you on Instagram, I love your blog and your style!
    xo Samantha