Friday, July 25, 2014

Nectarly Dress

This may be the most feminine dress I own. From the lace detail on the bust, soft floral pattern that accumulates at the hem, a simple slit at the front, to the most dainty open back...honestly, this dress is a dream. I recently wore it to breakfast while on a mini vacay in Palm Springs with my husby.. It's so dang hot out there, even at this dress was perfect for the occasion and the weather! I feel like this dress can be worn for many occasions. Weddings, baby showers, lunch dates, bridal showers, or even throw on a denim jacket and wear it out on a date night. I have to mention..The openness of the back might make some of you weary...what about wearing a bra you ask?...well here's the truth, I'm not wearing one. The bust is wide enough to cover my chest without having a Janet Jackson moment. Pre-kids, my chest was, having a slip up would be national geographic status....I'm just saying. I've tested this dress out...and it's "mom boobs approved". 

Dress // GMGStyle

Crossbody purse // Forever 21 similar

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  1. So happy to have found your blog! You have the perfect eclectic romantic style! I adore this dress so much that I might be ordering one for myself! Can't wait to keep following along! xx